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University Overview


The University of Shimane consists of two four-year universities, located in Hamada and Izumo, as well as a two-year junior college in Matsue. The Hamada Campus is comprised of three components: the Faculty of Policy Studies, the Graduate School of North East Asia and Development Studies, and the Institute for North East Asian Research. The programs offered within the Faculty of Policy Studies are designed to approach local and regional issues from an interdisciplinary point of view based in social science, while also nurturing and international perspective. Many faculty members and students are working to enhance local development in Shimane prefecture, a mountainous area striving to overcome issues related to depopulation and economic stagnation. A strong emphasis has also been placed on research and education in the area of North East Asian Studies, focusing on regions to which Hamada and Shimane are connected through the Sea of Japan.  

The University of Shimane, Izumo Campus, includes the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Program. This campus strives to contribute to the local and international community by nurturing professionals who have a broad perspective, the ability to communicate, and highly developed practical skills.   

Located in a castle-town, preserving an atmosphere of calm composure, the University of Shimane, Matsue Campus, aims to cultivate students’ practical skills and their capacity to take on and solve challenges in the fields of Health and Nutrition, Nursery Education, and Arts and Sciences.





 Establishment of the University of Shimane, International Exchange Policy

While globalization continues to advance and competition continues to intensify and economic and cultural exchanges in Northeast Asia continue to develop, it has become a major challenge today for universities and colleges in Japan to strengthen their global approach and appeal in education and research.
Under such circumstances, the University established on April 1, 2012 the “University of Shimane, International Exchange Policy” in order to confirm the history and present situation of the University related to international exchanges and establish a mid-and-long term direction to move forward in the future and to prepare a system to realize and carry out this policy.